Charles Mingus – Live in Belgium,Norway & Sweden….masterpiece!

Αναρτώ το σχόλιο  κάποιου Bob Thomson ο οποίος ήταν παρών στη συναυλία :

» Ι actually saw this group at the Village Vanguard in N.Y., sat right in front of Mingus, what a player!. and I must say it was the most emotional evenings music I have ever experienced;  Dolphy was simply brilliant as was Coles,- well, they all were. At the end of the last number, they all split up and  continued playing to each other from the four corners of the room, never heard anything like it before or since. I spoke to Mingus afterwards, and intimidating as he was, when he realized I was English, he said how grateful he was that I appreciated his music, as he didn’t think people listened hard enough when they were performing. A never to be forgotten evening of  original  and  swinging creative  jazz, allied to dazzling musicianship.»


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